Thursday, February 6, 2020


A lot of Euro auto enthusiasts travel to Helen GA each year for the big show, now called Alpine VAGfair. Here is your shortlist and photos of easy, car friendly things to do when you are in town.

First, stop in Roanoke if you are coming from up North, it is a great halfway point with lots to do and see.

Jack Brown's Burger Joint
Best burgers in town

The Quarter

Deschutes Brewery

Clayton GA makes another great central point to shack up for the evening, it is not far from Helen.

Clayton Cafe

The Farmhouse Donuts

Wander North Georgia Outfitters

Rt 129 "The Dragon"
If you are a car guy at all, you have heard of it. I definitely want to take the Mk7.5 there. We didn't have time to stop on this trip.

Blue Ridge Parkway and The Smokey Mountains
Extra smokey when we were there.

Google may get you lost, but that's ok.

It rained most of the time, as it usually does here, so just go with it and enjoy the view.

Murphy NC 
Another great small town with shops to check out.

Lots of waterfalls in the North GA region to check out, here are a few.

Looking for Minnehaha Falls, we got a little lost and never found them, but still got some great views. Not good if you are super low, but passable. Look for a small wooden sign somewhere, similiar to the one below, you won't have service to reroute.

Dry Falls
Extra volume with all the rain. 

Toccoa Falls
Easy walk for this gorgeous view. 

Bell Mountain
The parking lot is safe to drive all the way to the top if you have a lowered car, then you can walk further up some stairs for some great views. Road up is paved one lane, so be careful you might have to pull over for oncoming cars. 

Last stop, Helen!

Cameras: Nikon D7500, Google Pixel 3
Car: 2018 GTI

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