Tuesday, February 7, 2017


As fans of this blog know, I like to cover the old stuff. This article focuses on that aspect in glorious period correct 35mm format. 

Eurotripper 5 had perfect weather this year, which allowed use of the stage for enthusiasts to display their cars and share their stories over the course of the show day. I absolutely love this feature and hope to see it continue in the years to come! 

Sadly last year, the VW community lost Jeff Bynum. Many who attend this show knew him personally and his legendary work was on full display front and center, as it very well deserved to be. 

Mike Unland brought his creations to ET5 and, as always, it was hard to get a clear shot, especially of the Renault Dauphine.

Dave's awesome new 16v project. The logo on the glass is ETCHED!

This rare Polo was great to see up close.

An artist hard at work capturing this gorgeous Ghia.

Raul brought both of his VWs to ET5. I'd say he has great taste.

Yes! A Mk3 Trek edition complete with the Trek bike, hard to find together these days. 

So many classics, and not enough film!

And last but not least, Freddie, the official Rabbit of Palm Tree Petrolheads. He got us there safely, smokey, and slowly!

Many thanks to Paul and his staff for always putting heart and soul into this event. The wider parking spaces were fantastic for photographers. I was also happy to see the weather cooperate this year and the stage being used. This event has become THE event on the east coast to attend. Its fun national themes, time of year, and quality of cars are only a few reasons this has happened. You can easily make a weekend of it along the gorgeous Gulf coast. Pick your spot, attend the show, and enjoy Florida. We chose to spend the night in Siesta Key, an hour north, but there is also Ft Myers beach, and gorgeous Sanibel Island nearby as well. We can't wait for next year!

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  1. Amazing shots and a wonderful write up! As a member of the Eurotripper staff, I thank you :)