Monday, May 15, 2017


We couldn't have asked for better weather for the Cocoa Beach VW Classic. After enduring searing temperatures earlier in the week, it cooled off to a perfect temperature for this great little VW show, hosted by Juice N Java Cafe. This year featured live pin-striping and tons of local merchants. The road next to the parking lot was closed off to add more room for all the great local VWs this town has. I had another 35mm camera that was passed onto me to test out, a Minolta XG-A, so I was very excited. Thanks very much for that, Fred and Lisa!

I really enjoyed this rat rod beetle. The more you look at it, the more funny details you see. I love it when you can tell the owner is simply having fun building a project without even talking.

This little doggie was tired... didn't even notice me peaking in.


Many thanks to Dave and the Aircooled321 guys for making this event happen year after year! And thanks to the Juice N Java Cafe and City of Cocoa for hosting all of us, it's a unique and enjoyable setting. The merchants and cafe are top notch. See you next year!

Camera used: Minolta XGA, 50mm f/2

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


If you haven't been to this quickly growing event in Port Orange Florida, you are missing out my friend. We arrived early to the venue, which is simply a road that is closed off around a tiny lake near the city center. As the day progresses and the cars roll in, it becomes this pleasant walk in the shade, with aircooled sounds and BBQ smells all day. What a gem!

We arrived early to get a good parking spot, and ended up next to our friends with Aircooled 321 who drove from Cocoa Beach. I was eager to test out an old Minolta a friend lended to me for the show. I didnt realize the wider aperture I was using in the morning light had some clarity issues, but I still like the abstract way they came out nonetheless.  

As the day progressed, the photos got sharper and more cars rolled in. I can't tell you how fun it was to just walk like you are walking around a lake in a town, surrounded by so many great cars and people. 

A few stragglers from Orlando managed to shake their hangover and make it over from their campsite. Sorry guys I had to HAHA. 

I didnt have enough film for all the great rides and people, but I hope you enjoy the rest:


Overall, what a stunning and unique event, and its FREE. Thanks so much to William Dwyer and his crew for making it possible. 

 See you next year!